OAR 333-501-0045
Civil Penalties for Violations of Nurse Staffing Laws


For the purposes of this rule, “safe patient care” has the meaning given to the term in OAR 333-510-0002 (Definitions).


The Authority may impose civil penalties for a violation of any provision of ORS 441.152 (Nurse Staffing Advisory Board) to 441.177 (Posting of audit reports and civil penalties) and 441.185 (Hospital posting of notice) if there is a reasonable belief that safe patient care has been or may be negatively impacted.


Each violation of the written hospital-wide staffing plan shall be considered a separate violation.


If imposed, the Authority will issue civil penalties in accordance with Table 1 of this rule.


In determining whether to issue a civil penalty, the Authority will consider all relevant evidence including, but not limited to, witness testimony, written documents and observations.


A civil penalty imposed under this rule shall comply with ORS 183.745 (Civil penalty procedures).


The Authority shall maintain for public inspection records of any civil penalties imposed on hospitals penalized under this rule.
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