OAR 333-535-0010
General Rules

(1) The Authority may, upon written request, allow minor variations from these requirements (other than fire and life safety requirements) when conditions make certain changes to an applicant or licensed hospital impractical to accomplish, as long as the intent of the requirement is met and the care and safety of patients will not be jeopardized. An applicant or licensed hospital must obtain written approval of the Authority in accordance with OAR 333-500-0065 (Waivers), for any minor variation.
(2) Conflicts of requirements: Certain projects may be subject to the regulations of several different federal, state and local agencies. Should a difference in requirements occur, the more stringent requirement shall be applied. In cases of conflicting or opposing regulations, the problem shall be directed to the responsible programs for resolution.
(3) All departmental requirements included in these rules are not necessarily applicable to all institutions. Each service element provided in the hospital must, however, comply with requirements found herein.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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