OAR 333-600-0010

The definitions of OAR 333-590-0010 (Definitions) also apply to this division. The following definitions categorize specific types of chemical dependency treatment services. Certificate of need is required for sections (1) and (3) of this rule if the project involves the establishment of a new facility:


“Medical Facility-Based Detoxification” means a short-term treatment, provided in a hospital during which medication is used under continuous medical supervision to restore physiological functioning.


“Nonmedical Facility-Based Detoxification” means primarily nonmedical treatment by means of rest and fluid, with intermittent or limited medical supervision, not provided in a hospital, to restore physiological functioning.


“Inpatient Hospital Services” means all medical and nursing services provided to persons who require 24-hour supervision as a result of acute or chronic medical and/or psychiatric illnesses associated with chemical dependency. Inpatient services may be delivered in a general or specialty hospital.


“Residential Treatment Services” means services designed to facilitate treatment and rehabilitation of the chemically dependent person by creating a structured, therapeutic environment. Residential treatment services may be provided in the following:


“Twenty-four hour residential treatment” means treatment in a residential treatment facility, non-hospital based, housing individuals who require 24-hour support and supervision;


“Partial residential treatment” means a part-time day and night and/or weekend residential treatment facility for people who are able to work, or able to live at home, but not both, and who may need further support or supervision.


“Rehabilitation Services” means a facility-based program of rehabilitation usually greater than 30 days.


“Residential Maintenance Care” means 24-hour care other than that previously defined as detoxification, residential treatment, or rehabilitation and may include care provided in foster homes, small group homes, or boarding homes for chemically dependent persons.


“Outpatient Treatment” means individual, family, or group services provided in a physician’s office or clinic; generally on an individual appointment basis rather than the structured, scheduled group programs covered in subsection (4)(b) of this rule.
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