OAR 333-615-0050
Quality and Costs

All proposed psychiatric beds must meet the licensure, certification and accreditation criteria of the Public Health Division, Medicare and the Joint Commission on on Accreditation of Health-care Organizations, as appropriate. “Quality” for purposes of review of certificate of need proposals is a description of threshold factors to be considered, not a presumption of clinical judgment, nor a substitute for the licensing or accreditation functions. A proposal for a quality psychiatric unit shall include explicit policies, and specific examples and detail regarding each factor below:


Triage criteria and mechanisms, including documentation that such criteria and mechanisms will be consistent with the level of placement criteria developed by the Office of Health Policy and insurers under ORS 743.556(16)(b);


Data and record systems;


Length of stay related to treatment goals, and averaging no more than 15 days for treatment of adults;


Nonmaintenance, high-level treatment goals beyond mere restoration to the level just permitting release;


Low recidivism; compare to data available;


Rates which reflect low capital and operating costs and a justifiable rate of return; and


Rapid access to quality general and multispecialty medical inpatient care.
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