OAR 333-615-0010

The definitions of OAR 333-590-0010 (Definitions) shall apply, in addition to the following:


As used in this division, “alternatives” include, but need not be limited to, the following:


Nonhospital, 24-hour residential treatment;


Hospital or nonhospital day or partial hospitalization programs;


Outpatient treatment by a qualified mental health professional (a licensed psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner within the legal scope of practice, or licensed or registered clinical social worker); and


Outpatient treatment through a mental health program approved by the Addictions and Mental Health Division.


As used in this division, psychiatric “subspecialty beds” do not include general or adult beds, nor chemical dependency treatment beds (see division 600 of this chapter), but do include:


Holding rooms and freestanding mental health emergency centers, created by a public or private agency under ORS 426.241 (Payment of care, custody and treatment costs), in response to legislative policy reductions in the operating capacity of Oregon State Hospital with respect to patients originating in the service area, when the general psychiatric inpatient unit or units in that service area, as defined in OAR 333-615-0030 (Estimates of Need)(1)(b), do not offer appropriate programs to meet the needs of the anticipated utilizing population;












Long-term intensive treatment;


Long-term maintenance care; and


Dual diagnosis (person with both a mental health and a substance abuse diagnosis).


Psychiatric inpatient service areas are defined in OAR 333-615-0030 (Estimates of Need) according to the principles stated in OAR 333-615-0020 (Principles).


Quality of psychiatric inpatient care for purposes of this division is defined in OAR 333-615-0050 (Quality and Costs).
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