Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-675-0050
Construction Project Review Fees

(1) Submission of plans and specifications for project review must be accompanied by payment of a fee according to the schedule contained in Table 1. When schematic plans have previously been reviewed and part of the review fee has been paid, the fee submission shall be only for the amount yet unpaid. Estimated construction costs provided by project sponsors must coincide with amounts reported to the Certificate of Need Program, equal actual building contract amounts, or if neither is applicable, be within the average building cost guidelines of the International Code Council, Building Valuation Data for the project type planned.
(2) When an existing structure, not presently a licensed health care facility or residential care facility, is to be renovated for such use, the review fee shall be based on approximate value of the renovated structure. Approximate value, for purposes of this rule, is calculated as tax assessed value of the structure plus estimated renovation costs.
(3) If major project changes occur during the plan review process, per section (8) of OAR 333-675-0000 (Submission of Project Plans and Specifications for Review), or construction that alters the design or increases the construction cost of the project, the plan review fee will be reassessed according to OAR 333-675-0050 (Construction Project Review Fees), Table 1.
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