OAR 339-001-0005
Model Rules of Practice and Procedure

The following Model Rules of Procedure promulgated by the Attorney General of the State of Oregon in effect January 1, 2008 are adopted by the Board by Reference. These rules apply to rulemaking and to the conduct of contested cases respectively:


OAR 137-01-0005; 137-001-0007 (Public Input Prior to Rulemaking); 137-001-0008 (Assessment for Use of Collaborative Process in Rulemaking); 137-001-0009 (Use of Collaborative Dispute Resolution in Rulemaking); 137-001-0011 (Permanent Rulemaking Notice); 137-001-0018 (Limitation of Economic Effect on Small Businesses); 137-001-0030 (Conduct of Rulemaking Hearings); 137-001-0040 (Rulemaking Record); 137-001-0050 (Agency Rulemaking Action); 137-001-0060 (Secretary of State Rule Filing); 137-001-0070 (Petition to Promulgate, Amend, or Repeal Rule); 137-001-0080 (Temporary Rulemaking Requirements) and 137-001-0085.


OAR 137-003-0501 (Rules for Office of Administrative Hearings) to 137-003-0700 (Stay Proceeding and Order).
[ED. NOTE: The full text of the Attorney General’s Model Rules of Procedure is available from the office of the Attorney General or the Occupational Therapy Licensing Board.]

Source: Rule 339-001-0005 — Model Rules of Practice and Procedure, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=339-001-0005.

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