OAR 340-014-0125
Criteria for Approval of a GEMS Leader Permit

An agency or agencies may approve a GEMS Leader Permit (also known as Tier III) upon demonstration to the agency’s satisfaction that the applicant has or is able to meet the criteria for the GEMS Achiever Permit and has implemented the following activities:


Implemented, and will maintain and improve a robust environmental management system that is certified as meeting the ISO 14001 standard, or meets the purpose or intent of each of the ISO 14001 clauses, and supports verification; committed to maintaining and exceeding regulatory compliance; committed to applying the pollution prevention definition and pollution prevention hierarchy in setting objectives and targets and developing the environmental program; and committed to continual improvement;


Evaluated environmental impacts and set objectives and targets that meet the expectations for a GEMS Achiever Permit and demonstrates industry leadership in applying sustainable development principles to the environmental life cycle aspects of its activities, products and services;


Developed an environmental program that achieves environmental results that are significantly better than otherwise required by law;


Established performance measures that will be used to explain environmental information in context with past performance;


Submitted a baseline performance report that summarizes:


Environmental policies affecting the facility operations;


Environmental information regarding significant environmental impacts, including those appropriate to the scope of the targeted impacts; and


Performance measures and performance achievements, including a description of the environmental program that achieves the results anticipated in sections (2) and (3) above, and a demonstration that the facility has reduced overall environmental impacts in the three year period prior to applying for the GEMS Permit, or, for new facilities, demonstrated by methods used to minimize environmental impacts in the design of the facility.


Developed a plan for an annual update of the performance report that updates the information required in (5) above, and includes:


Performance achievements, and, if appropriate, a description of any obstacles encountered and how addressed;


Environmental management system deficiencies and how addressed;


Compliance issues, and how addressed;


Stakeholder involvement activities, and input received from stakeholders and how addressed; and


Revised objectives and targets for targeted impacts; and


Developed a program for stakeholder involvement appropriate to the scope of the environmental management system and impacts relating to the environmental life cycle analysis of activities, products and services, and has implemented and continues to implement activities that provide for dialogue regarding environmental performance and a mechanism for receiving, considering and responding to comments received. The facility shall:


Encourage public inquiries and comments regarding the facility’s environmental performance, and make efforts to establish and maintain understanding, constructive dialogue and partnership with significant stakeholders;


Provide mechanisms to discuss the environmental policy, annual performance report, environmental aspects and impacts, and establishment of objectives and targets; and


Consider results of stakeholder involvement in decision making, and respond to comments received.

Source: Rule 340-014-0125 — Criteria for Approval of a GEMS Leader Permit, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-014-0125.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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