OAR 340-130-0005

For the purposes of this Division, the following definitions apply:


“Commission” means the Environmental Quality Commission.


“Council” means the Energy Facility Siting Council.


“Department” means the Department of Environmental Quality.


“Director” means the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality.


“Dispose” or “Disposal” has the meaning contained in ORS 466.005 (Definitions for ORS 453.635 and 466.005 to 466.385)(4).


“Environmental Hazard Notice” means a document prepared by the Department and issued to a city and/or a county by the Commission containing:


The legal description of the lot or parcel, or lots or parcels, where the potential hazardous site is located;


A specific description of the site, if different than the legal description of subsection (a) of this section, for which the notice applies;


A general map of the area where the site is located;


A description of the types of waste and levels of contamination identified or known to be present at the site;


The use restrictions that apply to the site; and


Findings which support the decision to issue an environmental hazard notice for the site.


“Hazardous Substance” has the meaning contained in ORS 466.540(9).


“Hazardous Waste” has the meaning contained in OAR 340-100-0010 (Definitions)(0).


“Hazardous Waste Disposal Site” means the geographical site in which or upon which hazardous waste is disposed.


“Land Disposal Site” means a disposal site in which the method of disposing of solid waste is by landfill, dump, pit, pond or lagoon.


“Person” means the United States, the state or a public or private corporation, local government unit, public agency, individual, partnership, association, firm, trust, estate or any other legal entity.


“Potentially Hazardous Site” means a site where an alteration could create a condition which is hazardous to the public health, safety or welfare.


“Radioactive Waste” has the meaning contained in ORS 469.300 (Definitions)(17).


“Recorded Interest” means any interest of a person in a site as recorded in the deed or mortgage records or the miscellaneous documents of the county.


“Release” has the meaning contained in ORS 466.540(14).


“Site” means a land disposal site, a hazardous waste disposal site, a disposal site containing radioactive waste, or an area where a hazardous substance has been released.


“Solid Waste” has the meaning contained in OAR 340-093-0030 (Definitions).
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