OAR 340-141-0130
Plan Format Requirements

(1) Plans must be prepared using a combination of narrative and graphic formats that provide both detailed spill response information and quick access to general information needed during an emergency response.
(2) Plans must be divided into a system of chapters and appendices. Chapters and appendices must be numbered. Chapters should be reserved primarily for information on emergency response and cleanup operations, such as notification procedures or description of the spill response organization structure. The plan must include at least the information listed in OAR 340-141-0140 (Plan Content Requirements) for vessels and facilities, or the information listed in OAR 340-141-0265 (Contingency Plan Contents) for Railroads. Appendices should be used primarily for supplemental background information and documentation such as response strategies or descriptions of drills and exercises. The spill prevention strategies may be part of the appendices.
(3) A system of index tabs must be used to provide easy reference to particular chapters and appendices.
(4) Plans must be formatted to allow replacement of revised pages and components without requiring replacement of the entire plan.
(5) Plans must include a simplified field document that summarizes key notification and action elements of the plan and is suitable for onsite use in the event of a spill.
(6) Plans may be submitted and updated electronically if all required plan components are in a form DEQ can easily access. DEQ will determine which types of electronic media are acceptable for the plan submittal.
(7) Composite plans that rely on standard documents DEQ already has on file may incorporate those documents by reference.

Source: Rule 340-141-0130 — Plan Format Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-141-0130.

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