OAR 340-260-0020

The definitions in OAR 340-200-0020 (General Air Quality Definitions) and this rule apply to this division. If the same term is defined in this rule and 340-200-0020 (General Air Quality Definitions), the definition in this rule applies to this division.


“Automobile” means any self-propelled motor vehicle used for transporting persons or commodities on public roads.


“Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)” includes:


CFC-11 (trichlorofluoromethane);


CFC-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane);


CFC-113 (trichlorotrifluoroethane);


CFC-114 (dichlorotetrafluoroethane); and


CFC-115 ((mono)chloropentafluoroethane).


“Commission” means the Environmental Quality Commission.


“Department” means the Department of Environmental Quality.


“Director” means the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality.


“Person” means individuals, corporations, associations, firms, partnerships, joint stock companies, public and municipal corporations, political subdivisions, the state and any agencies thereof, and the federal government and any agencies thereof.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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