OAR 345-020-0016
Amendment of Notice of Intent


The applicant may amend the notice of intent (NOI). The applicant must submit, to the Department, two printed copies of the amended NOI, and an electronic version of the amended NOI in a non-copy-protected format acceptable to the Department. The applicant must prepare and submit additional copies of the amended NOI as required by OAR 345-020-0040 (Distribution of a Notice of Intent).


The Department must inform the public, in the manner described in OAR 345-015-0110 (Public Notice of a Notice of Intent), of any amendment that:


Significantly changes the proposed site boundary or location of the proposed energy facility or related or supporting facility;


Changes the proposed fuel type, significantly increases the generating capacity of the proposed energy facility, increases the voltage of a proposed transmission line, or significantly increases the capacity or operating pressure of a proposed pipeline;


Increases water consumption or disposal by more than 5 percent;


Changes the source of water; or


Significantly changes the means of compliance with the carbon dioxide standard, if applicable.


Submission of an amended NOI does not extend the expiration date of the NOI. The applicant, however, may petition the Council to extend the duration of the NOI as provided in OAR 345-020-0060 (Expiration of a Notice of Intent).

Source: Rule 345-020-0016 — Amendment of Notice of Intent, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=345-020-0016.

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