OAR 345-015-0110
Public Notice of a Notice of Intent


After receiving a notice of intent (NOI), the Department must issue public notice of the NOI by:


Sending notice by mail or email to persons on the Council’s general mailing list as defined in OAR 345-011-0020 (Agendas for Regular Meetings) and any special mailing list set up for the proposed project;


Sending notice by mail to the property owners listed in Exhibit F of the NOI;


Except as provided in subsection (d), publishing notice in a newspaper of general circulation available in the vicinity of the proposed facility; and


If the energy facility is a transmission line or a pipeline or has, as a related or supporting facility, a transmission line or pipeline that, by itself, is an energy facility under the definition in ORS 469.300 (Definitions), publishing notice in one or, if possible, two newspapers of general circulation in the vicinity of the proposed facility.


In the public notice of the NOI, the Department must include the following information:


A description of the proposed facility;


The location of the site of the proposed facility;


The date when the applicant expects to submit an application for a site certificate;


A brief description of the Council’s review process, including an explanation of the difference between the informational meetings described in OAR 345-015-0130 (Informational Meeting on a Notice of Intent) and the public hearing described in 345-015-0220 (Public Hearing on the Draft Proposed Order);


An explanation that the applicant may choose to meet the Council’s land use standard, OAR 345-022-0030 (Land Use), by obtaining local land use approval from the affected local government and that, if the applicant chooses to obtain local land use approval, any person interested in land use issues should participate in that affected local government’s land use process if it is not yet complete;


The date, time, and location of any informational meeting on the NOI that the Department has scheduled or an explanation of how interested persons may request an informational meeting. If the Department has scheduled an informational meeting, the Department must state in the notice that public comments on the NOI may be given in person at the meeting;


A explanation that written comments on the NOI must be submitted by a specified date and may be submitted by regular mail, email or fax;


The name, address, email address and telephone number of a Department representative to contact for additional information; and


If the applicant has identified one or more proposed corridors in Exhibit D of the NOI, as required by 345-020-0011 (Contents of a Notice of Intent)(1)(d):


An explanation that the corridors proposed by the applicant in the NOI are subject to change and that the applicant may propose adjustments to any proposed corridor in the application;


An explanation that the applicant may present adjustments to any proposed corridors at the informational meeting; and


An explanation that, in selecting one or more corridors for analysis in the application for a site certificate, the applicant must consider public comments on the corridors proposed in the NOI and on any corridor adjustments the applicant presents at the informational meeting.


If the Department learns that an applicant has applied for local land use approval, the Department must post a notice of the local land use proceeding on its website.

Source: Rule 345-015-0110 — Public Notice of a Notice of Intent, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=345-015-0110.

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