OAR 345-022-0100


Except for facilities described in section (2), to issue a site certificate, the Council must find that the design, construction and operation of a facility, taking into account mitigation, are not likely to result in a significant adverse impact to important recreational opportunities in the analysis area as described in the project order. The Council shall consider the following factors in judging the importance of a recreational opportunity:


Any special designation or management of the location;


The degree of demand;


Outstanding or unusual qualities;


Availability or rareness;


Irreplaceability or irretrievability of the opportunity.


The Council may issue a site certificate for a special criteria facility under OAR 345-015-0310 (Request for Expedited Review of Special Criteria Facilities) without making the findings described in section (1). However, the Council may apply the requirements of section (1) to impose conditions on a site certificate issued for such a facility.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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