OAR 345-026-0048
Compliance Plans

Following receipt of a site certificate or an amended site certificate, the certificate holder shall implement a plan that verifies compliance with all site certificate terms and conditions and applicable statutes and rules. As a part of the compliance plan, to verify compliance with the requirement to begin construction by the date specified in the site certificate, the certificate holder shall report promptly to the Department of Energy when construction begins. Construction is defined in OAR 345-001-0010 (Definitions). In reporting the beginning of construction, the certificate holder shall describe all work on the site performed before beginning construction, including work performed before the Council issued the site certificate, and shall state the cost of that work. For the purpose of this exhibit, “work on the site” means any work within a site or corridor, other than surveying, exploration or other activities to define or characterize the site or corridor. The certificate holder shall document the compliance plan and maintain it for inspection by the Department or the Council.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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