OAR 345-026-0080
Reporting Requirements for Energy Facilities


General reporting obligation for energy facilities under construction or operating:


Within six months after beginning construction, and every six months thereafter during construction of the energy facility and related or supporting facilities, the certificate holder shall submit a semiannual construction progress report to the Department of Energy. In each construction progress report, the certificate holder shall describe any significant changes to major milestones for construction. The certificate holder shall report on the progress of construction and shall address the subjects listed in subsections (2)(a), (d), (f) and (g). When the reporting date coincides, the certificate holder may include the construction progress report within the annual report described in this rule.


After January 1 but no later than April 30 of each year after beginning operation of the facility, the certificate holder shall submit an annual report to the Department addressing the subjects listed in subsection (2). For the purposes of this rule, the beginning of operation of the facility means the date when construction of a significant portion of the facility is substantially complete and the certificate holder begins commercial operation of the facility as reported by the certificate holder and accepted by the Department. The Council Secretary and the certificate holder may, by mutual agreement, change the reporting date.


To the extent that information required by this rule is contained in reports the certificate holder submits to other state, federal or local agencies, the certificate holder may submit excerpts from such other reports to satisfy this rule. The Council reserves the right to request full copies of such excerpted reports.


In the annual report, the certificate holder shall include the following information for the calendar year preceding the date of the report:


Facility Status: An overview of site conditions, the status of facilities under construction and a summary of the operating experience of facilities that are in operation. The certificate holder shall describe any unusual events, such as earthquakes, extraordinary windstorms, major accidents or the like that occurred during the year and that had a significant adverse impact on the facility.


Reliability and Efficiency of Power Production: For electric power plants, the plant availability and capacity factors for the reporting year. The certificate holder shall describe any equipment failures or plant breakdowns that had a significant impact on those factors and shall describe any actions taken to prevent the recurrence of such problems.


Fuel Use: For thermal power plants:


The efficiency with which the power plant converts fuel into electric energy. If the fuel chargeable to power heat rate was evaluated when the facility was sited, the certificate holder shall calculate efficiency using the same formula and assumptions, but using actual data; and


The facility’s annual hours of operation by fuel type and, every five years after beginning operation, a summary of the annual hours of operation by fuel type as described in OAR 345-024-0590 (Standard for Non-Base Load Power Plants)(5).


Status of Surety Information: Documentation demonstrating that bonds or letters of credit as described in the site certificate are in full force and effect and will remain in full force and effect for the term of the next reporting period.


Monitoring Report: A list and description of all significant monitoring and mitigation activities performed during the previous year in accordance with site certificate terms and conditions, a summary of the results of those activities and a discussion of any significant changes to any monitoring or mitigation program, including the reason for any such changes.


Compliance Report: A report describing the certificate holder’s compliance with all site certificate conditions that are applicable during the reporting period. For ease of review, the certificate holder shall, in this section of the report, use numbered subparagraphs corresponding to the applicable sections of the site certificate.


Facility Modification Report: A summary of changes to the facility that the certificate holder has made during the reporting period without an amendment of the site certificate in accordance with OAR 345-027-0050.


Nongenerating Facility Carbon Dioxide Emissions: For nongenerating facilities that emit carbon dioxide, a report of the annual fuel use by fuel type and annual hours of operation of the carbon dioxide emitting equipment as described in OAR 345-024-0630 (Means of Compliance for Nongenerating Energy Facilities)(4).

Source: Rule 345-026-0080 — Reporting Requirements for Energy Facilities, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=345-026-0080.

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