OAR 345-060-0006


Except as provided in section (2) through (5) of this rule, the carrier shall submit a $70 fee to the Oregon Department of Energy, 550 Capitol St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301 for each placarded shipment. The Department invoices motor carriers each three months for shipments recorded at Oregon Ports of Entry in the previous quarter. The Department may establish with carriers special invoice procedures for shipments that do not regularly pass through an Oregon Port of Entry.


For placarded shipments of well-logging material, radiographic material and radiopharmaceuticals, the carrier shall submit an annual fee of $500 or $70 per shipment, whichever is less.


No additional fee will be charged for shipments for which:


The cargo is transferred from a previous vehicle for which a fee has been assessed, or


The vehicle has a number of stops before unloading the radioactive cargo for which a fee has been assessed.


Radioactive material carriers may petition for an alternative fee schedule. The secretary of the Council may grant such a request based on evaluation of whether:


The carrier demonstrates that the applicable fee schedule severely impacts the cost of the product;


Other payments or services to the Department support applicable safety programs of the State of Oregon;


The shipment of the material involves a single radioactive source and frequent movement between sites where the source is used; or


The carrier is a public university or research organization using the material for public benefit.


The carrier shall pay a $100 fee for each shipment traveling under a temporary permit, unless the carrier applies for a permit from the Oregon Department of Transportation within two weeks after the carrier first gives notice of the need for a permit.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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