OAR 345-060-0001


The definitions set out in ORS 469.300 (Definitions) are the definitions to be used in interpreting the rules in this division, unless the context requires otherwise or unless a term is specifically defined in this rule. Terms not otherwise defined are defined as found in 10 CFR 71 and 49 CFR 171 through 178 in effect as of the date of this rule.


“Radioactive material” is as defined in 49 CFR 173.403 in effect as of the date of this rule.


“Radioactive material shipments” include but are not limited to any number of truck trailers, automobiles, vans or barges, moved by one or interconnected power sources.


“Radiopharmaceuticals” are radioactive materials used in the medical testing or treatment of animals or humans.


“Radiographic materials” include any sealed radioactive source fastened or contained in any instrument used for the examination of the macroscopic structure of materials by nondestructive methods using the source.


“Well-logging radioactive materials” are radioactive sources used in measuring devices or tools used to obtain information about wells or the adjacent soil or geologic formations.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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