OAR 345-070-0015


“Nuclear installation” is defined in ORS 469.300 (Definitions).


“Security program” means any plan or procedure the primary function of which is to protect nuclear power plants, nuclear installations, transportation and storage of new or irradiated nuclear fuel elements or transportation and storage of fissile material against any deliberate act that could directly endanger the public health and safety including exposure to radiation, including, but not limited to, plans or procedures for:


Controlling entry to the site or portions of the site of fixed installations;


Deterring or discouraging penetrations of sites or carriers by unauthorized persons;


Detecting such penetrations in the event they occur;


Apprehending in a timely manner unauthorized persons or authorized persons acting in a manner constituting a threat of sabotage or theft;


Providing for appropriate authorities to take custody of violators.


“Fissile material” means fissile plutonium, uranium-233, and uranium-235 in any combination sufficient to cause (gm Pu/200 gm) + (gm U-233200 gm) + (gm U-235 contained in uranium enriched to more than 20 percent in U-235)/350gm) to be greater than unity.


“Safeguards information (SI)” means information that specifically identifies:


Detailed security measures for the protection of special nuclear material; or


Detailed security measures for the physical protection and location of certain plant equipment vital to the safety of production or utilization facilities.
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