OAR 345-095-0100
Environmental Monitoring


During construction and operation of a uranium mill, the site certificate holder shall implement an environmental monitoring program to evaluate all aspects of the environment and to analyze the environment of the site compared to the baseline environmental data presented in the site certificate application and to the projected environmental impacts of facility operation.


The certificate holder shall submit the environmental monitoring program to the Council for approval. The Council may consult with affected state agencies before approving the program.


In the environmental monitoring program, the certificate holder shall address each item discussed in the environmental assessment, including but not limited to the following:


Geography: The site certificate holder shall determine, evaluate and summarize any changes in land ownership and land use within 5 miles of the mill.


Demography, Sociology and Economics: The site certificate holder shall evaluate any changes in population and nearest residences and the effects of facility operation on public services, demographic characteristics and economic status of the affected communities.


Historic and Cultural Resources: The site certificate holder shall determine any changes, attributable to facility operation, in the status of any resources described in the application.


Meteorology: The site certificate holder shall monitor those parameters necessary to evaluate environmental impacts of mill operation including, but not limited to wind speed and direction.


Hydrology: The site certificate holder shall monitor ground water and surface water sources to determine impacts of the facility on water sources.


Geology: The site certificate holder shall identify any significant geological discoveries and their potential impacts on operation of the facility.


Seismology: The site certificate holder shall identify nearby earthquakes by location and intensity.


Ecology: The site certificate holder shall maintain a program to identify changes in the ecological baseline and determine the extent to which mill operation is responsible for those changes.


Radiological: The site certificate holder shall conduct an operational monitoring program designed to identify impacts on the environment and to allow dose assessments of any affected populations.


Chemical: The site certificate holder shall maintain a monitoring program to assess project related impacts of non-radiological materials on the environment including bioaccumulation or biological effects.


The site certificate holder shall prepare an annual environmental report including data on all parts of the monitoring programs described in section (3), except that the certificate holder may include the information in parts (a), (b), (c), (f) and (g) in the annual report at intervals not to exceed 5 years. The certificate holder shall submit the report to the Council within 90 days after the end of each reporting year, as defined in OAR 345-095-0080 (Effluent Monitoring)(4). The certificate holder shall include in the report: data on each part of the program; analysis of that data compared to baseline monitoring, effluent releases and projected impacts; calculated radiological impacts upon the maximum exposed member of the public and the population; review of the adequacy of the program based on experience gained; and recommendations and justification for any improvements to the monitoring program.


During construction and operation of the facility, the certificate holder shall obtain and maintain control (through ownership, long term lease or other legal means) over all environmental monitoring and sampling sites sufficient to preclude the direct impact on such site of any non-facility related activities (such as logging, plowing, grazing, etc.) that could destroy the usefulness of the monitoring program. If loss of control or destruction of a sampling site occurs through no fault of the certificate holder, the certificate holder shall select a replacement sampling site and shall provide to the Council a thorough evaluation of the replacement site compared to the lost or destroyed sampling site. The certificate holder shall use the replacement site subject to Council approval.

Source: Rule 345-095-0100 — Environmental Monitoring, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=345-095-0100.

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