OAR 350-060-0060


Contents of Record: The record on appeal from a governing body shall include the following:


The final decision including findings of fact and conclusions of law;


All testimony and all exhibits, maps, documents or other written materials included as part of the record during the course of the governing body’s proceeding.


Photos, maps, and exhibits that were presented to the governing body in color shall be provided to the Commission in color in the original or certified copy of the record;


Minutes of the meetings conducted by the governing body as required by law. A verbatim transcript of audiotape recordings shall not be required, but if a transcript has been prepared, it shall be included.


The governing body may retain the audiotape recording, any large maps, or exhibits and documents which are difficult to duplicate, until the date of oral argument. The governing body shall make these items reasonably available for inspection and duplication by the parties during the pendency of the appeal, and shall specify in its filing of the record the available times and procedure for reviewing for these items.


The Gorge Commission encourages parties to stipulate to a shortened record.


A shortened record may eliminate duplicates of documents, letters that do not include substantive information, documents related to issues that are not being appealed, or other documents that the parties do not believe are necessary for the Gorge Commission to decide the issues raised in the appeal.


Notwithstanding subsection (2)(A) above, a shortened record shall include the documents referred to in subsections (1)(a) and (d) above, and any document submitted in a shortened record shall comply with subsection (1)(c) and (e) above.


A shortened record may be submitted only as agreed upon by all parties. The record shall contain any document that one or more parties desires to include in the record.


Any party that desires to refer to a document that was eliminated by agreement of the parties in a shortened record may at any time file at the Commission office and serve a motion to supplement the record with that document, and shall include the document as part of its motion. A motion to supplement the record under this section shall comply with 350-060-0130 (Motions, Generally and Procedural Orders).


The shortened record shall be considered the complete record before the Gorge Commission for the purpose of any judicial review of the Gorge Commission’s decision.


Filing of Record: Within 30 days after the Notice of Appeal is filed, the governing body shall file at the Commission office a certified paper copy or an electronic copy of the record of the proceeding under review. Approximately 30 days prior to the date of oral argument, the Commission will contact the governing body and request paper copies of the record, which the governing body shall provide to the Commission office no later than 14 days prior to the date of oral argument. The number of paper copies of the record will depend on the number of members of the Gorge Commission that request a paper copy.


Service of Record: Contemporaneously with filing the record at the Commission office, the governing body shall serve a copy of the record, exclusive of audiotape recordings, large maps and other exhibits and documents that are difficult to duplicate, on the appellant, the applicant, and all other parties, including intervenors. If intervention is granted after the record is filed and served, then the governing body shall serve a copy of record as soon as possible after intervention is granted. The governing body may provide the record to parties in an electronic form.


Specifications of Record:


The record shall:


Include a cover bearing the title of the case as it appears in the Notice, and the Commission’s numerical designation for the case, and shall indicate the numerical designation given the land use decision by the governing body;


Begin with a table of contents, listing each item contained therein, and the page of the record where the item begins (see Exhibit 2), and listing each audiotape recording, large map or other exhibit or document retained by the governing body;


Be securely fastened;


Have pages numbered consecutively, with the page number at the bottom right-hand corner of each page;


Be arranged in inverse chronological order, with the most recent item on top.


Indicate whether it is a shortened record. The governing body is not required to indicate documents that were excluded by stipulation of all parties to produce the shortened record.


A record which does not conform to the preceding requirements shall not be accepted by the Commission.
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