OAR 350-060-0080
Appellant’s Brief


Filing and Service of Brief: The Appellant’s Brief shall be filed at the Commission office and served no later than 30 days after the record is filed, or settled if a party files an objection to the record. Failure to file an Appellant’s Brief within the time required by this section shall result in dismissal of the appeal.


Specifications of Brief: The Appellant’s Brief shall


Begin with a table of contents;


Not exceed 50 pages, exclusive of appendices, unless permission for a longer brief is given by the Chair of the Commission. If a brief exceeding the 50 page limit is filed without permission, the Chair of the Commission shall notify the author and order a time period in which to submit a revised brief satisfying the 50 pages limit.


Have a blue cover page, stating the full title of the proceeding, and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all parties unrepresented by attorney. If a party is represented by an attorney, the name, address and telephone number of the attorney shall be substituted for the party. An intervenor shall be designated as either appellant or respondent.


If there is more than one appellant, the cover page shall specify the appellant(s) filing the brief.


Be typewritten, in 14-point type in a regularly used font such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Calibri, and double spaced;


Be signed on the last page by the author. An electronic brief may contain an electronic signature or other generally accepted substitute.


Contents of Brief: The Appellant’s Brief shall


State the facts that establish appellant’s standing;


Present a clear and concise statement of the case, in the following order, with separate section headings:


The nature of the land use decision and the relief sought by the appellant;


A summary of the arguments appearing under the assignments of error in the body of the brief;


A summary of the material facts. The summary shall be in narrative form with citations to the pages of the record where the facts alleged can be found.


State why the challenged decision is a land use decision subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction;


Set forth each assignment of error under a separate heading. Where several assignments of error present essentially the same legal questions, the argument in support of those assignments of error shall be combined;


Contain a copy of the challenged decision, including any adopted findings of fact and conclusions of law;


Contain a copy of any management plan provisions, comprehensive plan provision, ordinance or other provision of local law cited in the brief, unless the provision is quoted verbatim in the brief.


Copies of example Appellant’s briefs are available at the Commission office for parties to review for form.

Source: Rule 350-060-0080 — Appellant’s Brief, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=350-060-0080.

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