Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-005-0025
Requesting a Reasonable Modification


To request a reasonable modification to a Department program, service or activity a client applicant, client or public member must submit to program staff a request for a reasonable modification to the applicable program. Requests may be made verbally or by completing the Request for Reasonable Modification form.


Upon receipt of a request for modification the Department will:


Determine whether additional documentation regarding the claimed disability is needed and request such documentation;


Within fifteen (15) working days of the request or the receipt of additional medical documentation, whichever is later, provide to the requestor notification of approval, approval with alternative modifications or denial of the request for reasonable modification. All denials and approvals with alternative modifications that were not requested will be clearly labeled a “Preliminary Notification Subject to Review.”


Ensure that approved modifications occur within a reasonable time.


A “Reasonable Modification Team” means a two person team appointed by program managers that meet to evaluate a Request for Reasonable Modification decision that either denied the request or approved the request but with modifications other than those requested.


This process may include additional communication with the individual requesting the Reasonable Modifications.


Preliminary Notifications will automatically be reviewed by a Reasonable Modification Team that will notify the requestor of the final result of the review within fifteen (15) working days of the preliminary notification or within fifteen working days following receipt of medical or other supporting documentation requested by the Team, whichever is later.


An individual whose request for reasonable modification has been denied or approved with alternative modifications which the individual believes to be inadequate may file a Report of Discrimination with the Department within 60 days of the final result or file a complaint with the appropriate federal regulatory agency within 180 days of the final result.

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