OAR 411-030-0055
Community Transportation


Community transportation (non-medical) may be prior-authorized for reasons related to an eligible individual’s safety or health, in accordance with the individual’s service plan. Community transportation is offered through contracted transportation providers or by homecare workers.


Community transportation may be authorized to assist an eligible individual in getting to and from the individual’s place of employment when the individual is approved for the Employed Persons with Disabilities Program (OSIPM-EPD).


Natural supports, volunteer transportation, and other transportation services available to an eligible individual are considered a prior resource and may not be replaced with transportation paid for by the Department.


Health Systems Division is a resource for medical transportation to a physician, hospital, clinic, or other medical service provider. Medical transportation costs are not reimbursed through community transportation.


Community transportation is not provided by the Department to obtain medical or non-medical items that may be delivered by a supplier or sent by mail order without extra cost to the eligible individual.


Community transportation must be prior authorized by an individual’s case manager and documented in the individual’s service plan. The Department does not pay any provider under any circumstances for more than the total number of hours, miles, or rides prior authorized by the Department or AAA and as documented in the individual’s service plan.


Contracted transportation providers are reimbursed according to the terms of their contract with the Department. Community transportation services provided through contracted transportation providers must be prior-authorized by a case manager based on an estimate of a total count of one-way rides per month.


Homecare workers who use their own personal vehicle for community transportation are reimbursed according to the terms defined in their Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Home Care Commission and Service Employees International Union, Local 503, OPEU. Any mileage reimbursement authorized to a homecare worker must be based on an estimate of the maximum miles required to drive to and from the destination authorized in an individual’s service plan. Community transportation hours are authorized in accordance with OAR 411-030-0070 (Maximum Hours of Service).


The Department or AAA does not authorize reimbursement for travel to or from the residence of a homecare worker. The Department or AAA only authorizes community transportation and mileage from the home of an eligible individual to the destination authorized in the individual’s service plan and back to the individual’s home.


The Department is not responsible for any vehicle damage or personal injury sustained or other liability incurred while using a personal motor vehicle for community transportation.

Source: Rule 411-030-0055 — Community Transportation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-030-0055.

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