OAR 411-044-0030
Application Review


The Department shall review all applications and may request any additional information needed to assure applications are complete.


After an application is determined to be complete and concordant with the intended goals and outcomes of the program, it shall be forwarded to the Lifespan Advisory Review Committee, a sub-committee of the Oregon Family Support Council, for review and possible recommendation for selection approval.


In reviewing applications, the Committee shall consider the following elements:


The amount of available funds for the Oregon Lifespan Respite Care Program;


The existence of a strong community coalition representing children, adults and seniors with special needs and situations. The coalition should include, but not be limited to, members from the following areas:


Families and/or consumers;


Respite providers;


Medical and/or health related fields;


State, federal and/or county agencies;


Private businesses;


Civic, social and community organizations;


Faith communities; and


Community volunteers.


The willingness and ability to contract with the Department and participate in all required Oregon Lifespan Respite Care Program activities;


The ability to articulate program outcomes and strategies, which include Family Support principles, as described in ORS 417.342 (Family support services);


The amount of in-kind services;


The stability of other funding sources; and


Additional departmental administrative costs or responsibilities associated with the individual application.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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