Interstate Compacts on Juveniles and Children

ORS 417.342
Family support services

  • principles


Family support services are based on the belief that all people, regardless of disability, chronic illness or special need, have the right to a permanent and stable familial relationship in the community. Children have a developmental need to grow up in a family home environment. However, nothing in ORS 417.340 (Definitions for ORS 417.340 to 417.349) to 417.348 (Eligibility requirements) or 417.349 (Department of Human Services to provide family support services) is intended to require any person with a disability or chronic illness to live in the family home.


Family support services can provide the support necessary to enable the family to meet the needs of caring for a family member with a disability or chronic illness at home and, subject to available funds, shall be based on the following principles:


Family support services may use private and volunteer resources, publicly funded services and other flexible dollars to provide a family with the services needed to care for the family member with a disability or chronic illness.


Family support services must be sensitive to the unique needs, strengths and multicultural values of an individual and the family rather than fitting the individual and family into existing services.


Family support services must be built on a relationship of respect and trust that recognizes that families are better able to determine their own needs than have their needs determined by the state or a public agency.


Family support services shall be provided in a manner that develops comprehensive, responsive and flexible support to families in their role as primary caregivers for family members with disabilities or chronic illnesses.


Family support services shall focus on the entire family and be responsive to the needs of the individual and the family.


Family support services may be needed throughout the lifespan of the individual family member living at home who has a disability or chronic illness.


Family support services shall be available to families before they are in crisis.


Family support services may be a service option offered to families, but not imposed on them.


Family support services shall encourage maximum use of existing social networks and natural sources of support and should encourage community integration.


Family support services shall not be confined to a single program or set of services but shall be a philosophy that permeates all programs and services. [1991 c.122 §2; 2001 c.900 §252; 2007 c.751 §2]


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