OAR 411-046-0180
Qualifications for Providers and Behavior Consultants


The Department shall select qualified providers according to standards:


In these rules;


In OAR 407-120-0320 (Provider Enrollment); and


In OAR chapter 410, division 120, as applicable.


Providers must be enrolled as a Medicaid provider.


Behavior consultants must complete the background check process described in OAR 407-007-0200 (Purpose and Scope) to 407-007-0370 (Variances) with an outcome of approved or approved with restrictions.


Behavior Support Service Medicaid providers must have a Department contract to provide:


Home or community-based care services defined under a specific needs setting, and which includes Behavior Support Services as part of the contracted rate; or


Behavior Support Services with qualified employees or subcontractors who provide time limited consultation, at a range of settings, where the referred individual lives.


A Behavior Support Service Medicaid provider must employ or subcontract with behavior consultants who meet all of the following requirements:


Pass the Department required criminal record check processes per OAR 407-007-0200 (Purpose and Scope) to 407-007-0370 (Variances) and meet one of the following:


Pass the Behavior Consultant Competency Evaluation administered by a Department approved contractor;


Possess and maintain certification from a Department approved program noted on the Department website; or


Have written approval to perform behavior consultant work from the Department based upon review of resume, certification, or education. Requests for this approval must follow 411-046-0220 (Exceptions to Rules), exceptions to rules.


Maintain compliance with continuing education requirements under 411-046-0210 (Continuing Education Requirements).

Source: Rule 411-046-0180 — Qualifications for Providers and Behavior Consultants, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-046-0180.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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