Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-007-0200
Purpose and Scope


The purpose of these rules, OAR 407-007-0200 (Purpose and Scope) to 407-007-0370 (Variances), is to supplement OAR 125-007-0200 (Statement of Purpose) to 125-007-0330 (Fees) with guidelines and requirements specific to background checks for Department of Human Services (Department) and Oregon Health Authority (Authority) subject individuals (SIs). These rules provide for the reasonable screening under ORS 181A.195 (Criminal records check), 181A.200 (Authority of Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority and Employment Department to require fingerprints), 409.027 (Abuse and neglect reports), and 413.036 (Use of abuse and neglect reports for screening subject individuals) of SIs to determine if they have a history of specific criminal or abusive behavior identified in federal or state law or rules such that they should not be allowed to work, volunteer, be employed, reside, or otherwise perform in positions covered by these rules.


These rules apply to evaluating potentially disqualifying convictions and conditions of an SI when conducting fitness determinations based upon such information. The fact that an SI is approved does not guarantee employment or placement. These rules do not apply to individuals subject to OAR 407-007-0000 (Purpose and Scope) to 407-007-0100 (Variances) (DHS Employees, Volunteers, and Contractors) or 407-007-0400 (Purpose) to 407-007-0460 (Confidentiality) (Abuse Check Rules for Department Employees and Volunteers).


Providers for the Department and the Authority are subject to criminal records and abuse checks. The Authority authorizes the Department to act on its behalf in carrying out criminal and abuse checks associated with programs or activities administered by the Authority. References in these rules to the Department or Authority shall be construed to be references to either or both agencies.

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