OAR 411-087-0440
Electrical Systems: Alarm and Nurse Call Systems


Exit Door Alarm. The facility shall have an exit door alarm system which alerts the staff when an exit door is opened or when a resident departs, or any other system determined to be acceptable to the Division (such determination shall be in writing).


Nurse Call System:


Resident Rooms. Each resident room shall be served by an electric nurse call system. Each resident shall have a nurse call button which may be easily located to allow the resident to summon nursing staff. Two call buttons serving adjacent beds may be served by one calling station;


Bath, Toilet and Shower Rooms. Each bath, toilet and shower room must have an electric call system;


Nurses’ Station. The nurse call system shall register all calls at the nurses’ station by both a visible and audible signal. The nurse call system shall also register a visible signal in the corridor adjacent to the door of the room from which the signal originated:


The visible signal shall remain on until turned off at the location where the signal originated;


In multi-corridor nursing units, additional visible signals shall be installed at corridor intersections.


Fire/Smoke Alarm System. Fire and smoke detection/alarm systems shall comply with OAR 411-087-0020 (Referenced Regulations) (“Referenced Regulations”).




Pediatric Units. Rooms in pediatric units may have two-way voice communications in lieu of call buttons required under subsection (2)(a) of this rule. Such systems shall be equipped with an indicating light at each calling station which lights and remains lighted as long as the voice circuit is operating;


Locked Units. Rooms in locked units serving residents with Alzheimers or other dementias may have wall-mounted call buttons in lieu of call buttons on cords when necessary for resident safety;


Audible Signal. Call systems in facilities continuously licensed since January 1, 1992 shall not be required to have an audible call feature at the nurses’ station unless required to conform pursuant to OAR 411-087-0010 (New and Old Construction, Remodeling, Certificate of Need).

Source: Rule 411-087-0440 — Electrical Systems: Alarm and Nurse Call Systems, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-087-0440.

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