Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

Rule Rule 411-415-0120
Reimbursement for Case Management Services

A CME is reimbursed for case management activities. Reimbursement may only be made when:
(1) The claim for reimbursement is for a service provided to an individual determined eligible for case management services.
(2) The person providing the service is a qualified case manager as described in OAR 411-415-0040 (Case Manager Staff Requirements) or an assessor as defined in OAR 411-317-0000 (General Definitions and Acronyms for Developmental Disabilities Services).
(3) An individual is properly enrolled into the Department’s electronic payment and reporting system.
(4) A claim has been made in the Department’s electronic payment and reporting system.
(5) Case management has been authorized in an ISP or as part of an Annual Plan.
(6) The claim is for a qualifying case management service.
(7) A progress note is in the individual file supporting the delivery of a case management service.

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