OAR 413-030-0220
Eligibility for Substitute Care After Age 18


A young adult continues to be eligible for substitute care until the young adult turns 21 years of age if the young adult has met the criteria in OAR 413-030-0210 (Eligibility Criteria for Substitute Care Placement) and this rule.


Under the following conditions the Department may continue to provide placement services until the youth has reached 21 years of age:


The young adult is:


Actively striving to complete the requirements for high school graduation and achieving satisfactory attendance in a high school program;


Actively striving to complete the requirements for a GED;


Employed in a job that provides an income and is working on a regular basis (at least 80 hours per month);


Participating in a training program or completing courses where the primary purpose of the program is to prepare the young adult for gainful employment;


Enrolled in a postsecondary or vocational education institution at least part-time;


Enrolled in a special education program as called for in an Individual Educational Plan (IEP); or


An unaccompanied refugee minor.


The caseworker reviews the young adult’s transition plan with the young adult as described in OAR 413-030-0449 (Review of the Comprehensive Transition Plan) and:


The caseworker determines, in collaboration with the young adult, that to remain in the care and custody of the Department is in the best interest of the young adult;


The determination and supporting factors are reflected in the case and youth transition plans and documented in the Department’s electronic information system; and


The plan is approved by the program manager or designee.


The program manager or designee may approve an exception to the requirements in (2)(a) of this rule when:


The young adult experiences a temporary loss in employment or other financial support;


The young adult requests maternity leave that is approved by her attending physician;


Short-term medical leave is approved by the young adult’s attending physician; or


Any other reason(s) approved by the program manager or designee and the Foster Care and Youth Transitions manager or designee.

Source: Rule 413-030-0220 — Eligibility for Substitute Care After Age 18, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=413-030-0220.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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