OAR 413-130-0340
Assisted Search Application Requirements


Individuals requesting an assisted search must submit the following:


An application on an approved form to the applicable registry. The Department may disclose the applicable registry if it is unknown by the requester.


Proof of registration for identifying information with the registry; and


A fee of $400 for the first individual and $200 for each additional individual.


Upon receipt of a completed application the registry must do all of the following:


Prepare a search file.


Assign the case to a searcher.


Inform the requester that the case has been opened and provide periodic updates on the status of the search.


Duties of the Searcher.


When an individual is located, the searcher must:


Make a confidential inquiry to determine if the located individual wants to establish contact with the requester;


Inform the located individual about the registry program, explain that participation is voluntary and no identifying information will be released unless they have registered with the appropriate registry; and


If the requester is searching because there is a serious medical condition in the individual’s immediate family that is, or may be, an inheritable condition and the located individual is biologically related to the ill individual, inform the located individual.


Upon completion of the search, the searcher must:


Notify the registry of the results of the search; and


Return or confidentially dispose of any information obtained in connection with the search.


When notified of the results of a search, the registry must:


Provide registration to a located individual who wants to register;


Notify the requester of the results of the search;


Record the results of the search;


Include any information from the searcher in the search file; and


If the located individual has not returned the registration materials within 90 days, the registry may, where practicable, contact the located individual one time to determine if the located individual still intends to register.


Upon receipt of registration materials from the located individual, the registry must contact both the requester and the located individual to assure that communication is initiated in a way that is acceptable for each individual. The registry must only release contact information that is allowed by each registrant.


The registry must complete the assisted search within 120 days from the date of assignment. If the search is not completed within 120 days, the registry must contact the requester and provide the reason for the delay and a projected completion date.

Source: Rule 413-130-0340 — Assisted Search Application Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=413-130-0340.

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