OAR 414-470-0042
Preschool Promise Provider Funding Selection and Grant Award


Division staff will review completed grant applications to determine eligibility.


A grant review committee will be appointed by the Director. The Council will recommend representatives to the Director to be named to the committee. The grant review committee will review and score applications deemed eligible as identify in OAR 414-470-0025 (Preschool Promise Provider Eligibility). Applications will be scored on the Preschool Promise Provider’s ability to meet Preschool Promise requirements as established in OAR 414-470-0040 (Minimum Requirements: Preschool Promise Program).


The review committee will make funding recommendations to the Director. The Director will make final decisions for funding.


The Division will notify grant recipients of awards and announce the awards on its website.


The Division will offer to enter into a grant agreement with each prospective grant recipient using terms and conditions acceptable to the Division.


Prospective grant recipients forfeit the awarded grant if a signed grant agreement is not returned to the Division within 90 calendar days of receiving a grant agreement. This provision does not apply to federally recognized Oregon Indian tribes.


Forfeited grant funds will be used to fund next highest scored application(s).


The Early Learning Division will determine the amount of funding available for every Request for Applications. Applicants may appeal funding decisions by following the process outlined in the Request for Applications. The Early Learning Division will notice applicants of their appeal rights in the language that applicants identified in their application. Notices will provide contact information of Early Learning Division employees available for assistance to applicants in the appeals process. The Early Learning Division will provide information on how funding decisions and slot awards will be made for each funding cycle in the Request for Application. Final allocations are based in part on funding availability.

Source: Rule 414-470-0042 — Preschool Promise Provider Funding Selection and Grant Award, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=414-470-0042.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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