OAR 414-470-0075
Fiscal Agent


The following entities are eligible to apply to be a fiscal agent for multiple Preschool Promise Providers:


Community based organization;
(b) Culturally specific organization;
(c) Early Learning Hub as designated in ORS 417.827 (Early Learning Hubs);
(d) Education service district;
(e) Federal Head start program;
(f) Federally Recognized Oregon Indian Tribe;
(g) Non-Profit Organizations;
(h) Resource and referral entity established under ORS 329A.100 (“Resource and referral system” defined for ORS 329A.100 to 329A.135) to 329A.135 (Duties of Office of Child Care); or
(i) School district.


The application process will determined by the Division.
Last Updated

Jun. 24, 2021

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