OAR 415-057-0020
Program Approval and Variances


In order to receive a Letter of Approval or license from the Division, a program will meet the standards of OAR 415-012-0000 (Purpose and Scope) to 415-012-0090 (Variances) and any other administrative rules applicable to the program.


Requirements and standards for requesting and granting variances or exceptions to these rules for programs are found in OAR 415-012-0090 (Variances).


The denial, revocation, or suspension of a letter of approval or license for the program may be based on any of the grounds set forth in OAR 415-012-0060 (Denial, Revocation, or Nonrenewal).


In addition to the grounds set forth in OAR 415-012-0060 (Denial, Revocation, or Nonrenewal), the Assistant Director may deny, revoke, refuse to renew, or suspend a letter of approval or license when he or she determines that the issuance or continuation of the letter of approval or license would be inconsistent with the public interest. In determining the public interest, the assistant Director will consider the following factors, or any one of them, which apply to the applicant, licensee, or any person holding a 5 percent or greater financial interest in the program or which apply to the medical director, program manager, clinical supervisor, or program staff:


Any convictions under any federal or state law relating to any controlled substance or related to such person’s involvement in the administration of a state-or federally-funded public assistance or treatment program;


Furnishing of false or fraudulent material in any application for a letter of approval; or


Any other factors relevant to, and consistent with, the public health or safety.

Source: Rule 415-057-0020 — Program Approval and Variances, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=415-057-0020.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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