OAR 415-057-0090
Treatment Services


The program will provide to each client clinically appropriate services based on best practices for prison-based Alcohol and Other Drugs programs that facilitate desired service outcomes as identified by the individual, and family, when applicable, and address the objectives identified in the treatment plan.


Treatment services provided for clients in prison-based Alcohol and Other Drugs treatment programs will be evidence-based and at a minimum include:


Cognitive behavioral interventions;


Motivational interventions;


Relapse prevention;


Gender specific services;


Cultural relevance;


Healthy relationship education related to parenting, family, significant others, employers, and the community;


Services that address special needs such as trauma, domestic violence, sexual or physical abuse, and self sufficiency; and


Therapeutic community model for residential programs.


Each client admitted to the program will be assigned a primary counselor.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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