OAR 416-315-0020
Approval Notification


All communication between a county and the OYA will be in writing.


Within 30 days following the completion of the compliance site review, the OYA will notify the county of its approval or denial of the YCC program.


If approved, the county will be able to operate the YCC program for a period of two years.


If denied, the OYA will issue a written denial that states:


The reasons the YCC program does not meet the approval criteria;


A list of corrective actions required for subsequent approval; and


A timeline for implementing the corrective actions.


In some cases, the OYA may issue provisional approval:


For a newly-designed YCC program that has not been fully implemented (e.g. staff have not been hired; youth have not been placed).


For an operating YCC program that does not fully meet the approval criteria but requires minimal corrective action in order to comply.


Provisional approvals will be issued for up to 180 days, at which time the YCC program will be re-reviewed for a regular approval.


Once a county receives approval to operate a YCC program, the county must notify the OYA, in writing, when it makes YCC program changes directly related to the approval criteria. The OYA will inform the county if it determines that an on-site YCC program review is necessary to review the changes. The OYA may continue its approval only if it determines that the approval criteria are still being met.


Sixty days prior to the expiration of an approval, the county will inform the OYA of its intent to continue YCC program operation. At that time, the OYA will determine whether an on-site YCC program review is warranted and inform the county.


The county must notify the OYA in writing if it decides to terminate its YCC program.


The OYA reserves the right to terminate its approval at any time when a YCC program no longer meets the criteria described in these rules.

Source: Rule 416-315-0020 — Approval Notification, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=416-315-0020.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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