OAR 416-315-0030

A county that disagrees with any OYA action or decision during the approval process may request a formal or informal hearing to grieve a particular OYA action.


To request an informal grievance, the county will inform the OYA that the YCC program wishes to informally grieve a particular action.


Within seven working days of receiving the request, the OYA will contact the YCC program to schedule a meeting designed to define the problem, identify the desired outcome, and establish a plan for resolution.


The results of the meeting will be provided in writing to the YCC program, and include the steps necessary to initiate a formal grievance review if the county remains dissatisfied.


The county will inform the OYA in writing the desire to initiate a formal grievance.


Within 10 calendar days of receiving the request, the OYA will contact the YCC program to schedule a review of the matter.


The review will be held within 30 calendar days of the request, unless the YCC program and the OYA mutually agree to a delay. All involved parties will be notified in writing of the date and time for the review.


The review will be held at the YCC program and during normal working hours, unless the YCC program requests a different time or location, and prior authorized by the OYA.


The Deputy Director, or designee, will convene a Program Review Committee. Individuals may be selected from external and internal stakeholders and experts as indicated by the YCC program to be reviewed.


The review will be recorded, and the recording preserved until the grievance is resolved or for two years, whichever is longer.


Only information directly related to issue(s) of the grievance will be considered.


Copies of documents relied upon will be provided to the YCC program and the OYA. If information contained within those documents is confidential, as defined by federal or state laws or policies, it will be redacted and the non-confidential portions will be provided.


Within 10 working days of completing the review, the OYA will prepare a written decision. The decision will include directions to the county for filing an appeal to the Director.


A copy of the decision will be sent to the YCC program as soon as practical following its completion.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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