OAR 416-490-0031

(1) The purpose of a Time-out Intervention is to temporarily separate an offender from the offender’s peers due to the offender’s emotional dysregulation until the offender is emotionally regulated. The offender must return to regular activities once the offender is emotionally regulated.
(2) Time-out must not be used as punishment, as a convenience or substitute for staff supervision, or a substitute for individualized treatment. Time-out may be staff-suggested, or offender requested. An offender’s participation in a Time-out is voluntary.
(3) Staff must monitor the offender every 15 minutes for well-being and possible rejoining with peers. The monitoring must be documented in writing.
(4) A Time-out incident must not exceed four consecutive hours.
(5) Notwithstanding 416-490-0031 (Time-Out)(4), incidents of Time-out that continue into normal sleeping hours must only be continued as incidents of Room-lock Other, and must adhere to OAR 416-490-0025 (Room-lock Other)(2).
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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