OAR 416-500-0020
General Standards


Court order establishes the OYA’s authority as legal custodian or guardian of offenders committed to the legal custody of the OYA and placed on parole or probation status in substitute care placements, making the OYA responsible for their general care and supervision. As part of that authority, the OYA works in coordination with the substitute care provider to ensure appropriate substitute care and treatment is provided.


Substitute care providers will comply with Department of Human Services (DHS) licensing standards, written contracts or agreements with the OYA or other agencies, and OYA policies that discuss the provision of recreational activities.


Substitute care providers will develop written procedures that detail the process for risk assessment, activity planning and approval, according to the standards defined in these rules and OYA policy.


Substitute care providers will provide training to their staff to ensure compliance with the standards discussed in these rules and OYA policy.


When planning a recreational activity, it is prudent for substitute care providers to check the level of insurance coverage for the planned recreational activity. In some instances, additional coverage may be required.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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