OAR 416-500-0030
Activity Planning


Substitute care providers will plan, organize and supervise a variety of activities, in accordance with DHS licensing standards, and/or the provisions of contracts or other written agreements.


The planned activity will be consistent with the offender’s case plan.


Prior to the activity, substitute care providers, the OYA, the offender, and the offender’s parent/guardian, where applicable, will acknowledge the risk and approve the offender’s participation.


Substitute care providers will plan for emergency situations, including planning for participants’ medical needs and response procedures if an emergency should occur.


During the activity, substitute care providers will provide supervision appropriate to the type of activity, experience of the group, environment and conditions in which the activity takes place, experience level of staff, and the nature of the venue where the activity will occur.


Substitute care providers and OYA staff will ensure that the risk assessment discusses activity restrictions detailed in these rules and OYA policy.


At the conclusion of the approved activity, substitute care providers will review the risk assessment to determine any changes necessary to policies and procedures based on the outcomes noted from the activity.


Any incident that occurs during any recreational activity will be shared with the OYA according to OYA policy.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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