OAR 436-110-0290
Employer at Injury Use of the Preferred Worker Program

The conditions for the employer at injury to activate the Preferred Worker Program are:


Time frame.


For Preferred Worker Program assistance other than premium exemption, the employer at injury must request Preferred Worker Program assistance from the division within 180 days of the worker’s claim closure date, except as provided in subsection (1)(c).


Conditions for employer at injury activated premium exemption are provided in OAR 436-110-0325 (Premium Exemption).


When worksite modifications are provided, and the modifications are completed and verified by the director more than 150 days after the worker’s claim closure date, the employer at injury will have 30 calendar days from the verification date to request other assistance.


Job offer. The worker must agree to accept the new or modified regular job with the employer at injury in writing. Form 4903, “Preferred Worker Job Offer Letter,” is a sample job offer letter. The job offer must include:


The start date, which is the date the worker begins receiving payment for the new or modified job. If the job starts after the modifications are in place, so note;


Wage and hours;


Job site location; and


Description of job duties that includes physical requirements.


Additional modifications. If the employer at injury uses worksite modification assistance and the employer or worker later requests additional modifications for the same job, the employer at injury’s worksite modification benefit will be exhausted before using the worker’s worksite modification benefits.

Source: Rule 436-110-0290 — Employer at Injury Use of the Preferred Worker Program, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=436-110-0290.

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