OAR 436-110-0850


Insurers and employers are subject to periodic program and fiscal audits by the director. All reimbursements are subject to subsequent audits, and may be disallowed on any of the grounds set forth in these rules. Disallowed reimbursements may be recovered by the director directly or from future reimbursements by offset. If the director finds upon audit that procedures that led to disallowed reimbursements are still being used, the director may withhold further reimbursements until corrections satisfactory to the director are made.


An insurer or employer must maintain claim records, notices, worker payroll records, reports, receipts, and documentation of payment supporting re-employment assistance costs for which reimbursement has been requested or payment has been made. These records must be maintained for a period of three years after the last reimbursement request or payment.


The director reserves the right to visit the worksite to determine compliance with the agreement under which re-employment assistance has been provided.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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