OAR 461-192-0020


The Oregon Food Bank may select and subcontract with recipient agencies to carry out activities of the Oregon Hunger Response Fund at the local level. A recipient agency is a regional food bank or other local public agency or private nonprofit agency that under the subcontracting agreement undertakes to relieve situations of emergency and distress by enabling the provision of food to other local nonprofit agencies for distribution to low income households.


A recipient agency may provide Oregon Hunger Response Fund program services only if the agency has first entered into a subcontracting agreement with the Oregon Food Bank to serve as a recipient agency. The agreement must at least include provisions regarding the grant amount, conditions, effective date, terms of the contract, eligible services, fiscal and program report requirements, and audit requirements.


A recipient agency may recommend guidelines to the Oregon Food Bank for the uses and disbursement of program funds.


The Oregon Food Bank may use program funds to supplement but not supplant existing funds used in supporting the work of the recipient.


Neither the Oregon Food Bank nor a recipient agency may require a program recipient to make any payments in money, materials or services for, or in connection with, the receipt of emergency food.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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