OAR 581-012-0007
Regional Educator Networks


The Educator Advancement Council will develop Regional Educator Networks across the state for the purpose of facilitating the work of school districts in their respective regions as they improve systems designed to support educators.


Regional Educator Networks must:


Comply with all requirements of ORS 342.943 (System of educator networks);


Establish a coordinating body for the regional educator network with membership based on the requirements in statute ORS 342.943 (System of educator networks)(2)(f);


Convene member organizations in their region.


Oversee and monitor Educator Advancement Fund resources allocated to the Regional Educator Network;


Reflect and communicate the nature and intent of the Educator Advancement Fund funding;


Model and reinforce authentic local stakeholder and educator engagement efforts;


Demonstrate a commitment to equity-driven policies and practices including engagement of community stakeholder groups;


Support the member organizations through phases 1-3 of a continuous improvement process as defined by the Regional Educator Network Request for Applications;


Participate in ongoing Training and Technical Assistance as required by the Educator Advancement Council;


Ensure the Regional Educator Network coordinator is communicating regularly with the Educator Advancement Council;


Develop a local plan in accordance with OAR 581-012-0011 (Regional Educator Network Regional Plan);


Host and promote Training and Technical Assistance opportunities offered by the Educator Advancement Council to support the work of governance groups and/or districts;


Participate in best-practice sharing with other Regional Educator Networks, including Educator Advancement Council hosted statewide Regional Educator Network convenings; and


Collaborate with other Regional Educator Networks to meet the identified needs of a district if a priority is not being addressed in their local Regional Educator Network.


The Educator Advancement Council may revoke a Regional Educator Networks status for failure comply with the requirements of this rule or failture to meet all requirements as specified in the Regional Educator Network Request for Applications issued by the Oregon Department of Education on behalf of the Educator Advancement Council.


The Educator Advancement Council will provide written notice to a Regional Educator Network of any failure to comply with this rule or the Request for Application.


Within 30 days of receiving written notice under subsection (3)(a) of this rule, the Regional Educator Network must submit proposed corrective action to the Educator Advancement Council.


The Educator Advancement Council will approve the proposed corrective action submitted under subsection (3)(b) of this rule if the proposed corrective action has a substantial likelihood of bringing the Regional Educator Network back into compliance with this rule and the Request for Application.


Within 60 days of approval of the proposed corrective action plan under subsection (3)(c) of this rule, the Regional Educator Network must complete the corrective action. If the Regional Educator Network does not complete the corrective action within the required time, the Educator Advancement Council will revoke the Regional Educator Network’s status and immediately cease all funding to the Regional Educator Network. If extenuating circumstances exist, the Regional Educator Network may request an extension of time to comply.


Unless otherwise prohibited by statute, the Council may delegate these determinations to its Executive Director.

Source: Rule 581-012-0007 — Regional Educator Networks, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=581-012-0007.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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