OAR 581-012-0010
Member Organizations


The following entities may join a Regional Network as an eligible member organization:


School districts;


State-sponsored public charter schools (per ORS 338.075 (Review of school district board decision));


The Oregon School for the Deaf; and


An education program under the Youth Corrections Education Program or the Juvenile Detention Education Program.


Each Regional Educator Network shall notify and invite eligible member organizations located within the regional geographic boundary to participate in the Regional Educator Network. The notification required by this subsection shall be provided in writing and directed to the chief executive officer or superintendent of the eligible member organization within 30 days of the date the Regional Educator Network executes their grant agreement with the Department of Education.


An eligible member organization may choose to opt out of the Regional Educator Network by informing the Regional Educator Network in writing no later than 30 days after receiving notice of assignment under subsection (2) of this rule. Within 14 days of receiving such written notice, a Regional Educator Network Coordinator shall forward said notice to the Educator Advancement Council. If an eligible member organization fails to provide written notice within30 days after receiving notice of assignment, the eligible member organization will become part of the Regional Educator Network. The Educator Advancement Council will direct the Oregon Department of Education to hold resources allocated on behalf of the opting out member organization in the Educator Advancement Fund. The Educator Advancement Council may then allocate those funds for any of the purposes identified in OAR 581-012-0005 (Educator Advancement Fund).


Beginning on July 1, 2020, an eligible member organization currently participating in a Regional Educator Network may request reassignment to a different Regional Educator Network.


The request for reassignment must be made to the Educator Advancement Council. The request must state the reason for seeking reassignment. Educator Advancement Council staff will conduct an an analysis based on Educator Advancement Council established criteria and make a recommendation to the Educator Advancement Council.


The Educator Advancement Council will assess the request for reassignment based on the following criteria:


Whether a compelling rationale exists relative to alignment of system improvement efforts; and


Whether there are documented requests to transfers from the member organizations constituency.


Educator Advancement Council staff will verify the requested receiving Regional Educator Network is willing to accept the transferring eligible member organization.


Upon approval by the Educator Advancement Council, the eligible member organization will be assigned to the new Regional Educator Network. The new Regional Educator Network shall receive 50% of the remaining funding associated with the transferring member organization for the current biennium. The remaining 50% of funding for the current biennium shall remain with the original Regional Educator Network.

Source: Rule 581-012-0010 — Member Organizations, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=581-012-0010.

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