OAR 581-026-0100
Development and Execution of a Charter


The State Board or a school district board that approve a proposal will be considered the sponsor of the public charter school defined in the proposal.


An applicant whose proposal has been approved by the sponsor must, in cooperation with the sponsor, prepare and execute a charter that addresses, at a minimum, the information that is included in the proposal and:


State any reasonable pre-opening requirements or conditions for the public charter school to ensure they meet all health, safety, and other legal requirements prior to opening and are prepared to open smoothly;


State how the public charter school shall receive any state and federal funds distributed to districts other than the negotiated percentage of the charter school rate as required by ORS 338.155 (Distributions of State School Fund amounts);


Establish the performance standards under which the public charter school will be evaluated, using objective and verifiable measures of student achievement as the primary measure of school quality;


Define the sources of academic data that will form the evidence base for ongoing and renewal evaluation;


Include expectations for appropriate access, education support services, and coordination with the district in which the public charter school is located for students who may qualify for additional education services; and


Include clear, measureable performance standards to judge the effectiveness of mission-specific performance measure and metrics that credibly demonstrate the public charter school’s success in fulfilling is mission and serving its students.


Notwithstanding subsection (2), an applicant and sponsor may agree to change elements of the proposal prior to including them in the charter and may agree to exclude elements of the proposal from the charter or to include new elements in the charter by mutual agreement of the school district board and the applicant.


An initial charter may be in effect for no more than five years and may be renewed by the sponsor.


The first renewal of a charter must be for the same number of years as the initial charter.


Subsequent renewals of a charter must be for a minimum of five years but may not exceed 10 years.


A sponsor and the charter school governing body may amend a charter at any time by joint agreement.

Source: Rule 581-026-0100 — Development and Execution of a Charter, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=581-026-0100.

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