OAR 582-020-0015
Problem Solving


A client may request that their Program counselor engage in problem‐solving with the client to resolve a dispute regarding the client’s vocational rehabilitation services. A Notice of Action is not required in order for the client to request problem‐solving. For purposes of this rule, a dispute does not necessarily involve a Program action that entitles the client to mediation or hearing rights.


The Program may include a supervisor or other assigned Program employee in the meeting to resolve the issue. The client may have a representative or support person present during the discussions.


Both parties must agree to participate in problem‐solving. The Program may decline to participate in problem‐solving if the client refuses to cooperate in scheduling or to participate in a meeting to discuss the dispute, or the same dispute has been resolved by the dispute resolution process and no further appeal rights are available, or prior attempts to resolve the dispute have been unproductive.


Problem‐solving may occur at any time prior to the client requesting a hearing or mediation. A client’s request to engage in problem‐solving does not exempt the client from complying with applicable legal timeframes to request a hearing or mediation.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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