OAR 582-080-0020
Standards for Selection of Vendors

The following standards supplement any other requirements that may apply to the same vendors. In all instances, the authorizing vocational rehabilitation counselor (with the guidance of the Field Services Manager) has the primary responsibility to assure that the vendor is on the OVRS approved vendor list and meets the applicable standards. When there is no client preference or circumstances which would dictate otherwise, vendor choice will be made from the pool of approved vendors available in the community, moving consecutively through the list in alphabetical order:


Licensed professional individuals — (physicians, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, academic teachers, etc.). Licensable professional individuals must be licensed by the appropriate state licensing boards as required by law to provide services as private practitioners. It is the responsibility of the vocational rehabilitation counselor to use only licensed individuals. If the vocational rehabilitation counselor has reason to believe that a professional vendor is not appropriately licensed, the counselor is to discontinue further use until the matter can be cleared by OVRS. For additional requirements refer to OAR 582-010-0005 (Statement of Policy) through 582-010-0030 (Termination or Denial of Approval or Interim Approval).


Service organizations — (hospitals, medical groups, mental health clinics, child care facilities, placement agencies, group homes, foster homes, nursing homes, sheltered workshops, community rehabilitation programs, etc.). Service organizations must be qualified under state law or certified or accredited by a recognized state or national organization or be official arms of state or local government, and/or approved under the terms of OAR Chapter 582 for vendor selection. For all practicing groups of licensable, certifiable or other professionals, sections (1), (5), and (6) of this rule apply. For additional requirements pertaining to providers of community rehabilitation services refer to OAR 582-010-0005 (Statement of Policy) through 582-010-0030 (Termination or Denial of Approval or Interim Approval).


Commercial vendors — (supplies or material goods, transportation, insurance, shipping, and other commercial services, etc.). Commercial vendors must conform to all applicable state licensing requirements. All purchases will be made in accordance with state purchasing policies. In addition, the vendor must be able to provide the requested goods and services at the levels of quantity and quality and in the required time period authorized by the vocational rehabilitation counselor.


Training vendors — (universities, community colleges, proprietary schools and OJT trainers, and correspondence schools, etc.). Training vendors must conform to all applicable licensing requirements. OVRS will only refer eligible individuals for vocational training to those schools and programs specified in 582-070-0020 (Specific Policies)(3). Degree granting academic institutions must be accredited by a regional or national accrediting organization. Except when circumstances such as overall cost or specific need of a client justify otherwise, state-supported schools are used. OVRS conducts studies based on periodic sampling of training vendors to assure acceptable quality, reasonable costs, and effective results from the services provided. The studies may, on an annual basis, include a review of factors such as cost, utilization levels and rehabilitation survival rates for each community rehabilitation program or major training vendor used. OJT vendors will only be utilized if the vocational rehabilitation counselor and (as appropriate) the counselor’s supervisor are assured in terms of their professional judgment, that the trainer/employer can deliver the training services as per the terms of the OJT contract.


Certified professionals — (interpreters for the deaf, psychological and vocational counselors, occupational therapists, etc.). Certifiable professionals must possess a current certificate from a recognized state or national professional association or organization. If the vocational rehabilitation counselor questions the validity of the credentials, the counselor should refer the matter to the CRP Coordinator for guidance.


Non-certified or non-licensed professionals — (e.g. tutors, peer mentors). In instances where a professional individual is not subject to licensing requirements or the OVRS approval process for providers of community rehabilitation services, the qualifications of the vendor must be determined to the satisfaction of the authorizing vocational rehabilitation counselor, the client and (as appropriate) the counselor’s supervisor prior to the authorization of services. In addition:


Peer mentors and tutors must be approved by the CRP Coordinator prior to placement on the Approved Vendor List;


OVRS requires that tutors and peer mentors comply with DHS criminal history checks at the time of application for placement on the Approved Vendor List, re-application for placement on the Approved Vendor List, and if required by OVRS as a result of information received about vendor qualifications, behavior or performance; and


OVRS requires that peer mentors submit proof of insurance at the level established under Department of Administrative Services guidelines.

Source: Rule 582-080-0020 — Standards for Selection of Vendors, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=582-080-0020.

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