Oregon Department of Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Rule Rule 582-010-0030
Termination or Denial of Approval or Interim Approval


The decision to deny or terminate “Approval” or “Interim Approval” shall be made in writing by OVRS. This notice shall contain the reason, the effective date, any requirements for reinstatement if applicable, and the appeals process.


OVRS will provide compensation for verifiable, authorized services provided by the provider of community rehabilitation services prior to the effective date of termination.


No OVRS funds will be provided for services or grant activities after the effective date as stated in the OVRS notice.


OVRS may provide a 30-day notice of termination or denial where any of the following reasons apply:


Mutual agreement;


Failure to provide or complete the required application;


Termination of accreditation by the certifying body; or


Failure to meet a service commitment.


OVRS may terminate or suspend an approval without 30-days notice for any of the following reasons:


Engagement in or toleration of sexual harassment of any kind toward a client, i.e., deliberate or repeated comments, gestures or physical contact of sexual nature;


Violation of any applicable federal, state or civil rights law;


Commitment of fraud, misrepresentation, or serious error of authorization on billing statement;


Acting alone or engaging in collusion to withhold information, or submit false or misleading documentation in order to generate payment;


Acting alone or engaging in collusion to violate any OVRS Administrative Rule (chapter 582);


Instructing any individual to engage in behavior contrary to the requirements of OVRS Administrative Rules (chapter 582); or


Engagement in any behavior or comments likely to cause public embarrassment to OVRS clients.


An informal appeal of a decision to deny or terminate approval may be made to the OVRS Administrator within 30 days of the date of the written decision.

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